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Childhood immunisations are available at our Practice. The immunisation schedule covers immunisations at 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 4 years. The full schedule is available here.

At these visits we take the opportunity to check your child’s growth and development, and to check on any concerns you have about their health and wellbeing. Where possible, please book with the  Practice Nurse. They will see your child first and check their weight, and give you information about the vaccines for that day, and can also assist your doctor to administer vaccines.


For more information about government funded immunisation programs go to Immunise Australia. Sharing Knowledge about Immunsation pulls together a lot of information from different sources. There are many FAQs here and a great page that gives information about the risks of the various diseases we routinely immunise against.

Influenza vaccine is funded for children 6 months to 4yo and is available from April each year. Other children might be eligible for a funded flu vaccine due to their medical conditions, and any child can have a flu vaccine. We can advise you about vaccines that not publicly funded, but are recommended. The main one is a vaccine for Meningococcal B strain.

Once the 4 year old schedule is complete, children are not offered scheduled vaccines until year 7 and then year 10 (other than influenza and COVID vaccines) If you need to check your child’s immunisations list you can go to the Australian Immunisations Register. through mygov. (If your child is 14 they will need their own mygov account to access this information)


If you do not wish your child’s vaccine information to be added to the AIR you can opt out here.

COVID vaccines are available for children aged 5 and over. The 5-11 year olds receive one third of the full dose. See our news page on COVID vaccines for more information.

NCIRS provides fact sheets on vaccine preventable diseases, as well as more detailed information about vaccine safety. The Australian Academy of Science also provides education about immunisation.

For further information about common health problems for kids, see the SCH Factsheets.

For information about introducing solids to your baby’s diet go here for information about food and the prevention of allergies.

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