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Health assessments provide an opportunity for your GP to undertake an in-depth assessment of your health. The assessment will cover medical, physical, psychological and social aspects of your health.

All people aged 75 years and over are eligible for a health assessment annually.

Why is the doctor suggesting a health assessment for you?
Your doctor is offering you a health assessment to assist you to maintain good health. It also allows your doctor to take specific notice of areas which are hard to cover in a normal consultation, such as nutrition. A health assessment also provides you an opportunity to raise any concerns you may have about your health, such as hearing difficulties or sleeping problems.


Does a health assessment mean there is something wrong with me?
Not at all. A health assessment helps the doctor assess your overall level of health in order to provide advice aimed at preventing ill health in the future. We offer this health assessment to our patients who attend the practice regularly.


What happens during a health assessment?
Your doctor will discuss the health assessment with you and ask you for your permission before proceeding with it. This is a good opportunity for you to ask any questions. Your doctor will check on a number of areas:

  • Your recent health

  • Whether or not you have seen other doctors or health professionals in the past 6 months.

  • Any difficulties with mood, memory or sleep.

  • Living arrangements and home safety

  • Smoking, alcohol, nutrition and exercise

  • Social support

  • Mobility

  • The medications you take

  • Immunisations

  • An examination of your weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, feet, vision, hearing and other areas which may come up in the assessment.


A health assessment is conducted in the practice. The health assessment gives the doctor a complete picture of your health.

Who conducts health assessments?

Some parts of the health assessments will be conducted by the nurse. At the end of the assessment your doctor will discuss the findings and recommendations with you.

Are there any costs?

Medicare pays a rebate for health assessments. No cost to you as a patient.


How long will it take?

A health assessment usually takes approximately 60 minutes in total.

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