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Are you between 45-49 years old ? Should you consider a check of your OVERALL health?

Many chronic diseases are preventable. Being aware of the risk factors might help you prevent disease or illness. A comprehensive health check can help you manage potential future health issues.

The Australian department of health categorises 45-49 year olds as the demographic most at risk of developing a preventable chronic illness.


Your general health and wellbeing can be impacted by many things, including:

  • Your family history

  • Blood Pressure, cholesterol, BMI

  • Lifestyle and dietary habits including smoking, alcohol, and   exercise.

  • Your risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

  • Sexual health

More information on Type 2 Diabetes and Risk Assessment Tool (download by clicking here)


The practice nurse and doctor can discuss with you each of these issues and also discuss the importance of looking after your mental health.


Additional tests or scans can then be conducted, including:

  • Blood test

  • ECG

  • Cervical Screening


Some patients will also benefit from a referral to an allied health professionals, for example, a physiotherapist or even a podiatrist. 

Health Assessments take approximately 45 minutes with practice Nurse, 15 minutes with your doctor.

We are committed to your ongoing health and wellbeing. We recommend this assessment which is bulk billed to Medicare - you incur no cost.


We encourage you to book appointment with us at your earliest convenience.

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