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Dr Cindy Htet operates at the following locations. Book online or call for a free consultation. 
Campbelltown Mall
(downstairs next to Specsavers)
Phone: (02) 4608 9872, 0435 717 253

Laser Sydney, Shop L17, Campbelltown Mall
271 Queen St, Campbelltown NSW 2560
Cosmetic services pricing (one pricing for both weekdays and weekend)

We recommend visiting our practice for a consultation so that Doctor can provide a more accurate quote.

  • Anti-wrinkle injections cost from $4 per unit. (American brand costs $12 per unit and European brand costs $4 per unit).

  • Bio-stimulating filler costs $800 per vial

  • Collagen stimulating filler costs $800 for 1 vial and $1550 for 2 vials

  • Dermal filler costs $550 - $650 per 1ml, Nose filler $700

  • Dermal filler dissolving (from other clinics) costs $450 for the first treatment and $250 for each subsequent treatment

  • Double chin injection costs from $600 for 1 vial and $1200 for 2 vials. 

  • Mole removal by RF technique costs from $350 per first mole, and $50 each for the rest if there are multiple (depend on location and size, consult with Dr to get an accurate quote).

  • Skin Tag removal : between $150 and 600 (depend on location and size, consult with Dr to get an accurate quote).

  • Thread lift treatment costs from $2400 - $3200

  • Nose thread lift treatment costs from $ 800 - $1500 

  • Skin boosters cost $500 for 1ml

  • Sclerotherapy costs $450 gap fees per session

  • Pelleve Radiofrequency Skin tightening costs $450 per session. 

  • Microneedling costs $299 per session ( for face) 

  • PRP ( platelet rich plasma ) costs $450 per tube or $700 for 2 tubes. 

  • 15 min Cosmetic Consultations are free

How much is my anti-wrinkle treatment likely to cost?
An estimate for different areas
American unit $12 per unit
European unit $4 per unit  
Please note that the price estimates are a guide only. You can discuss your tailored treatment with Dr Cindy at your appointment. 

When we treat forehead in women we always recommend treating the frown at the same time to prevent the eyebrows from becoming heavy after treatment. Note that men may need to use 1.5 times more units than women to have a similar effect

Forehead treatment:   $100 - $160
Frown lines:  $200 - $250
Crows feet:  $200 - $250
Facial slimming:  from $500 - $600 
Gummy smile:  $150 for treating the gummy smile alone.
How much do dermal fillers cost?
Dermal filler costs $550 - $650 for 1ml 
Nose dermal filler treatment costs $700
Dr Cindy only use premium dermal fillers 
How much is my dermal filler treatment likely to cost?
From $550 - $650 for 1ml of dermal filler, depending on the filler used.

As a general rule we use the following amounts of dermal fillers when treating: (please use this as a guide only and discuss with Dr Cindy on the day).
Lip dermal filler – 1ml- 2ml
Cheek dermal fillers – 1 - 4mls
Marionette lines – 1 - 3 mls
Nasolabial folds –  1-- 2ml. 
Tear trough – 1-2 ml
Temples – 1 to 2 ml
Chin – 1ml
Nose – up to 1ml. Nose dermal filler treatment costs more as it is a more complex procedure
How much do Skin Boosters cost?
Skin Boosters cost $500 for 1ml 

How much do double chin injections cost?
2 vials of double chin treatment costs from $1200 
3 vials of double chin treatment costs from $1500 - $1800
Most patients use 2 -3 vials per treatment and you may need up to 4 treatments to see optimum results
You may use the lipodissolve injection to treat other areas of the body like love handle, abdomen etc but the costs will be higher depend on the number of vials need to be used. 

How much does bio-stimulating filler cost?
Bio-remodelling filler costs $800 per vial. You may need at least 2 vials per treatment. We recommend 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart
How much does it cost to dissolve dermal fillers?
Dr Cindy is happy to help patients who are unhappy with their dermal filler at other clinics. The cost is $450 for the first dissolving treatment and $250 for each subsequent treatment (if needed).

How much do thread lifts cost?
Thread lifts cost from $2400 -3200 depending on the number of threads used. Thread lifts are great for patients over 35 who have loose / sagging skin in the lower face (jowls, cheeks, jawline) who are looking for a lift without needing surgery.

How much does collagen stimulating filler cost?
Collagen stimulating filler costs $800 for 1 vial and $1550 for 2 vials. Patients, on average, have 2 vials per treatment with 2 – 3 seperate treatments 6 weeks apart to see results.

If you are over 35 and want gradual but noticeable results, collagen stimulating filler might be right for you

How much does mole / skin tags removal cost?
Mole removal costs $350 for the first mole.  The rest of the moles cost $50 per each mole.  To get the best cosmetic outcome for mole removal, the mole need to be raised above the skin surface. Flat moles are not able to be removed by radiofrequency machine. 

How much does sclerotherapy cost?
Sclerotherapy costs $450 gap fees per session. You may require 3-4 sessions depend on the severity of your varicose/ spider veins. 

How much does cosmetic consultation cost?
Cosmetic consultation is a 15 min consultation and there is no consultation charge. However if your consult is related to a medical reason, a medicare rebate will apply. 
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