Consultation Fees (Weekdays)


  • We are a fully private billing practice on weekends and public holidays. 

  • Full Skin Check: Separate Consultation Required

  • Fees for Follow up/Discussion of Results: the doctors’ discretion

  • Fees for other procedures: Please discuss with your Doctor

  • Dressings will be charged at cost price

  • Re-printing of Lost Scripts: $10 (1 to 3), $20 (3 or more)

  • Re-printing of Referrals: $10 (Alternatively an appointment for these items can be made with no out of pocket expense unless other issues discussed)

  • Payment is required at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or Eftpos

  • Online claiming is processed on the same day.

  • Accounts outstanding 30 days: $10 account keeping fees applied. May be sent to the Debt Collector.

  • Fees for the transfer of patient records is $50.00 (including GST) in electronic form only.

  • Nurse Cervical Screening: 50$

  • All initial workers compensation visits are payable on the day and will be charged at AMA recommended rates.
    Once a claim has been established and a claim number is given by your insurer we will give you an account to be forwarded to your insurer to pay us directly. Any disputed accounts remain the responsibility of you the patient.

Weekends and Public Holidays

We DO NOT Bulk Bill on a weekend.

Bulk Billing

You can qualify as a bulk-billed patient if you meet any of the criteria listed below. Proof of entitlement is required.

  • Children 15 and under

  • Pensioners

  • Health care card Holders

  • DVA Gold Card Holders

  • Childhood immunisations

  • Care plans (45-49 Health Assessments, GP Care plans)

medicare bulk-billing.png

Discount Rates

Discount rates are offered to Students/Apprentice age between 16yrs and 23yrs (required current Student ID and ID Card)

Who pays out-of-pocket fees?

Any patient who does not meet any of the Bulk-Billing criteria above will be charged out-of-pocket fees for their consultation.

International visitors will need to pay full fees.

Medicare Rebate

A Medicare Rebate is available on most services provided and this will reduce your out-of-pocket costs for the consultation. This out-of-pocket cost is commonly referred to as the 'Gap'.

International visitors or patients who do not have a Medicare card, will not be able to claim the Medicare Rebate. However, international visitors may be able to claim something back from their travel insurance or health fund. Please check with your respective agencies.

Some services do not have a Medicare Rebate and full fees are payable. Our staff will endeavour to advise you if the service you require falls into this category.

Payment Methods

Any fees incurred must be paid on the day of the consultation.

Accepted payment methods are cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard and VISA.


Why is there a gap?

Providing high quality health care costs money and the government rebate provided through Medicare falls a long way short of covering all the costs. Just like for you, the cost of our utilities have risen (rent, electricity, insurance, cost of specialised equipment, human resources and computers and so on), medical centres are just as affected by these rising costs as anybody else and especially so in a Medicare freeze environment. For this reason, we have introduced fees for some consults to ensure you still receive quality health care from experienced and highly trained practitioners all within a well-resourced and pleasant practice environment.

The Government’s indexation of Medicare rebates has not kept pace with the rising cost of practice. On average, AWE and CPI increase by 3.3% per year to cover the rising costs of practice. Medicare rebates only increase by 2.1% per year.

The difference is a decrease in the value of your rebate. Making your rebate worth less every year.

This image below from the AMA illustrates how the 'gap' has widened over the last 30 years. 

ama medicare freeze.png