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Our doctors love to travel, and will enthusiastically discuss your overseas travel plans. We advise which travel vaccinations are required for your overseas itinerary. Our clinic is an authorised WHO Yellow Fever vaccination provider. Our travel doctors will ensure you receive the best advice for even the most exotic destinations.

Travel Doctor Consultation

Your doctor will confirm your current health, past medical history, current medications and immunisation status. It is important to make sure you and your family are fit to travel, have enough medications to last your trip and ensure your routine immunisations are up to date.


Don’t leave it until the last minute to get any of your travel vaccines, as your body needs to develop immunity after the vaccine. This can take up to 2 weeks, and some vaccines require repeat after 1-2 weeks so preferably give yourself a couple of months before travelling.

Bring a list of your destinations. If you have any records of previous vaccines bring them along, as this might save you some pain and money. 

Travel Vaccinations Costs

The cost of the consultation is the first component, and you can see our consultation fees here. You will need a long consult for your initial assessment. The cost of vaccines is additional, and can be significant, and varies according to the cost of supply and the vaccines you need.

Which Vaccines Do We Stock?

We stocks most common travel vaccines. We are able to order in less typical vaccines after your initial consultation, pre-payment is required in this case. 

How long before I travel should I get vaccinations? 
Ideally, you should book your appointment 6 to 8 weeks before you travel. This gives time for any vaccinations you might need to become fully effective. If your trip is sooner, remember it is never too late to seek advice.


How long after a vaccination can you react? 
Serious allergic reactions or anaphylaxis occur rarely. This is the reason people are observed for around 15 minutes post vaccination. Vaccinators are well-trained in managing these if they occur.


Do my kids need vaccines before traveling? 
To find out which vaccines your family needs, book an appointment with one of our gps today. 
Influenza is the most common vaccine-preventable disease caught by travellers.

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