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The Telehealth service is phone based, no special software or internet connection is required.

This service is suitable for any consultation where a physical examination may not be necessary. Examples include minor respiratory or urinary tract infections, repeat prescriptions.

Instruction to booking a Telehealth Sessions:

  • Book Telehealth Consult with our reception. 

  • Confirm your contact number, date and time of Telehealth appointment.

  • Please be ready approximately 5 minutes prior to your consultation time and we initiate the call.

  • Our reception will call and collect the consultation fee.

Patients that fit the following criteria will be eligible to be bulk-billed for their Phone or Telehealth consult:

(1) Commonwealth concession card holders (Patient needs to send copy of the card via email)
(2) Children under 16 years of age (Patient needs to send copy of the card via email)
(3) A person who:

* is required to self-isolate or self-quarantine in accordance with guidance issued by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee in relation to COVID-19; or
* if the person identifies as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent-is at least 50 years old; or
* is pregnant; or
* is the parent of a child aged under 12 months; or
* meets the current national triage protocol criteria for suspected COVID-19 infection.

​If you don't fulfill the criteria we may request a payment after the consult. Your Medicare Rebate will be reimbursed to your bank account within 48 hours after payment. 

Conditions that are appropriate for Telehealth:

Latest update - Feb 2020 

*Corona Virus Concern - Patients who have travelled to Oversea recently or have had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with nCorona Virus, are highly recommended to make use of this service to explore their medical risks and options. Our GP specailists are well prepared to advise about risks and concerns. 

  • Current patients needing follow up (e.g. results) who do not require examinations

  • Mental health consultations

  • Patients with poor mobility (e.g. disability, nursing home, post fracture, etc)

  • Rural patients for family planning issues (must have BP machine or recent readings)

  • Medical certificates requests (no guarantee for issues)

  • Repeat prescription requests (must have prior arrangement)

  • Travel consultation

  • Any other with GP’s discretion


Examples of inappropriate consultations for telehealth:

  • Anything requiring examinations, including routine hypertension check up

  • Most work-cover / TAC / legal / fitness to work consultations

  • Pre-employment check ups

  • Ante-natal care

  • Most paediatrics consultations (with limited exceptions)

  • Mental Health Care Plans / Chronic Disease Management Plans / Health Assessments

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